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Таиланд. Орёл и Решка. Морской сезон/По морям-3 (Russian, English subtitles)

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Морской сезон/По морям-3 (Heads and Tails. Sea Season 3) в Таиланде (Thailand). А если точнее - на острове Пхукет и в туристическом городке Краби. Да, Орел и Решка уже не раз бывала в Таиланде. Но здесь столько интересного и красивого, что можно возвращаться снова и снова. Здесь у нас был тур на традиционной тайской длиннохвостой лодке - лонгтейл - по неземной красоты тайским островам. Мы посетили деревню морских цыган Ко Пани, пещеру принцессы Прананг и покормили слонов на слоновьей ферме.
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The sea is fascinating, it is both strong and unpredictable. But the main thing - the sea is calling. Alessandro Baricco. - 6 hours and we are in Thailand. Look, how cool. Kolya, places are so bright. Look, I should be here. Kolya! - Alina, please stop looking at expensive hotels, because you may be poor. How can you forget all these pictures and prepare for pure contemplation? - Maybe throw it up now? Well, I just need this. Come on. - Heads. - Tails. - Hold on. What is it? Why do I want to flip a coin and fail? Why? Leave me pictures..

- No, wait, let me see. - I’ll get right here, because this is the beach. - It’s your right, Alina. - I'll go take a walk. - Go walk, you won't go far anyway. Thailand receives more than thirty million tourists annually. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Asia thanks to the cosmic landscapes. The cleanest beaches. And exotic entertainment..

I'm going to the largest island of Thailand - Phuket. And the Krabi Province, a paradise for low budget tourists is on my way. The fact that Thailand is a tourist Mecca can be seen immediately. Thai beauties are beginning to call tourists at the airport. But first you need to change the currency. I go to search for the low cost transport. What a pity! Two weeks of vacation and rain. You can’t buy the weather. With a gold card. Well, rain is a temporary thing. Here is another confirmation that Thailand lives due to the tourism. I just went to the bus stop - they immediately ran up to me, sold the ticket and directed me under canopy. A ticket to the main city of Krabi Province costs near $ 3. That's mine..

I asked in rent to give me a bright, boy’s machine. What did they give me? Pensioner’s Wrangler. Of course, this is a boy’s car, because no woman will sit in it. But it's old. It has exhaust fumes for no reason. Jeep Wrangler, born in 1987, the father of all SUVs, famous for its practicality and vitality, but ... This car is so old that the speedometer needle doesn't rise. Look, I press on the gas, it points to the floor. But there is one big plus. I can go anywhere. Half an hour and I'm on the spot. Since I will travel not only around the city, but along the whole coast, I must rent a bike. If it is so cheap, I'll take it for the whole weekend. It remains a couple of formalities - a passport, as a pledge, and a short briefing. Is it refilled? Ah, half, good..

Good explanation - back-peck, peck-peck. - Peck-meck. - Let’s try again. Yes, it goes, because there are two wheels, I understand that. These are brakes. Well. Knock it off! Go.So... I didn't agree. Stop. Why am I going back? Caution. Brakes work even in the off state. Well? Let’s go. F***ing hell! Quiet, I'm going, I'm going. Run, run away from me. Let's go, let's go. Ok, we can go. This I say to myself and to my inner voice, which says stop. So, well, what do we see. What do we see? Guys from other bikes tell us what are you watching. Just a 200 kilometers and I will become a very experienced biker. While Alina is trying to become a pack-baker, I’m getting to know Thailand..

I notice that almost every sign - in Thai, below in English and Russian. Roadside cafes, massage parlours and different shops are endless along the road. A lot of bikers. Nature, of course, is beautiful here. And even when it rains and bad weather. This doesn't detract from the beauty. No one is swimming because of the rain. If it continues like this, nothing will stop me to swim. Yes! Most tourists go to Thailand for a beach. I immediately went to the beach. Great view! Great place to have lunch. I have one idea. A tourist in Thailand is always a welcome guest, and if you ask a local to take food for you, he will do it for a couple of dollars. Looks like a barberry compote. Life is good..

Spicy food, fruit and the beach. That's Thailand. There are, of course, elephants and ledyboys. But that's another story. I ate now may go further. But my Wrangler crashed. Where is its drive? One, two ... Hanging in the air? Guys, thank you very much. Shooting is over. It's time to settle. I chose the Trisara hotel. Park it. While the producer parks the car, I will tell you about my villa. Oops! Kolya is at home. Kolya lives well. Well settled guy..

What is here? Kolya has his own temple. A small temple. Kolya is a Buddhist. We didn't know about him. You are a one! Kolya has his own pool with a stunning terrace and view to the sea. I can’t imagine! I watched Instagram - such ordinary pictures. But you know what? Where is the bedroom? Bedroom? No. No, not the bedroom. Where is the bedroom? And this is not a bedroom. This is generally an exit to the yard. This is probably a sauna. This is not a sauna, this is an elevator. I won’t survive if there are fifteen more rooms and not a single one of them. Terraces. Cool, such chairs to observe the view. The pool upstairs is not a single pool in this house. Here is another one - even more. Another guest room, a large entrance hall with sofas, with all the rest. A bedroom! I found it. A little bedroom! Jacuzzi. The entrance to the bedroom is through the bath. This is creative. Well, the bedroom is cool. Look, you wake up in the morning, look - greens, endless sea..

And you think “Everything is fine, everything is calm in the world, I will sleep another hour”. If someone didn't understand the size. My villa, here it is, on the very edge of the hotel complex. This is 2,500 sq.m. Two floors. Two pools. And all this is surrounded by old ficuses and coconut palms. The price is almost $ 3,500 a day. One of the most popular entertainment in Thailand is the longtail tours to the islands. A longtail is a traditional Thai boat. Locals appreciate it for maneuverability and practicability. Thai boatmen believe that the patron spirit lives in the bow of the boat, so it is decorated with bright ribbons and flower garlands. This tour will take most of my budget, but I'm sure this trip is worth it. Tour on a traditional Thai boat is ordered by poor and rich tourists..

I also rented a longtail and went to watch Thai beauty. Thailand owns hundreds of islands. There are about a few dozen large ones and so many small ones that no one would call a specific figure. All these are the tops of underwater cliffs preserved by the sea in their original form. You swim around these green colossus and feel as if you are the hero of some adventure film. The first island on my tour. Beach Island - Pak Bia. Now we will swim. But first we will conduct an audit. Population density. It all depends on the season or on tourists that came to Thailand. And the second moment is the time, when boat brought you on this island. Today is 50/50 An uninhabited island. But there is the infrastructure - WC, help desk. Great!The sand here is so hard, wild, irrepressible. You will need special shoes. It’s really so. Or the power of the spirit..

The temperature of the water is perfect for me. But remember, you need special shoes. I didn't deceive. It is impossible to walk. The beach of Pak Bia Island receives only four from me because of these hateful stones. My boat brought me to the island of Koh Panyi, where the village of the same name is located. This is a sea gypsy village. Previously, the laws prohibited for foreigners to settle on Thai land. And people from Burma and Malaysia found a very interesting way - they built a village on the water. It started with a couple of buildings, then in two hundred years the settlement became a whole megalopolis on piles. There are houses on the water, and a market on the water, and a school on the water, and even a football field, on the water. Do you know why is football so special here?.

This is a view. Look at mountains - they look like those from Avatar. It’s a little distracting, but ... Today foreigners are allowed to live on the lands of Thailand. But the inhabitants of Koh Panyi aren’t going to move to the continent. What for? They get an awesome percentage from tour operators, sell souvenirs and torment local animals so they beg dollars from tourists for a photo. A monkey took the shower . It’s so nice! Bye-bye! I thought sea gypsies were different. I thought that they overtook herds of seahorses, or I were diving with divers on the reef for fortunetelling or some money. But it’s differently. Generally different. The second island on my tour is Koh Hong. Look! Lagoon! Koh Hong is translated as an "island room". It looks like a huge well with a lagoon inside..

And you seem to fall into a chamber of secrets. How it’s beautiful! This water is incredibly beautiful. As if someone made this specially, such a color. Mangrove forest. Wonderful place. And among other things, there is also a funny echo. Nikolaaay, how do you rest there? With a gold card? Do you hear? Silence. On the massage, I guess. For sure. Another popular tourist attraction in Thailand is massage. And I ordered for myself not just a massage, but a six-hand massage. Is it you? I have a massage triangle here..

There are many legends about the six-hand massage. I will tell you the three main ones. The first. Three sisters do the massage. They can only do it together. Individually, they lose their power. The second legend says that all the other masseuses were busy at this time in the spa. And the third legend is that six hands massage is done exactly in six hands and not in five or seven. It’s the only way to simultaneously cover all parts of the body. Of course, eight hands can also cover the whole body, but it’s too much. The final point of my tour is Railay Peninsula. Great! I really wanted to get here, because it’s a paradise, there are a lot of activities. Nature is everywhere. And there are a couple of caves. I’m going to get into one of them - the Princess Cave. Instincts are pushing me. I can’t resist. I think I found it. I definitely found it..

Phra Nang Nok Cave. According to legend, the ship sank in the local waters. And since then, her spirit dwells in this cave. Wives of sailors brought colored... “pencils” to appease the princess. Thus, they asked her to prevent the treason and to bring their husbands home. Today, the “pencils” here are brought by anyone who wants children, so the cave is also called the fertility cave. Any size, any color. Well, let's go and ask. Let’s everyone has good, high quality, and a lot of love. Very important. For love. That’s all. I had it. It's time for dinner. And there is an excellent place for this in my hotel..

By the way, this is the only Michelin restaurant in Thailand. Well, not in Thailand, but in Phuket. Well, this is the only Michelin restaurant in Phuket that I know. Right? Is that all? In a Michelin-starred restaurant, I asked a chief with a Michelin star to cook something extravagant and extraordinary. That is Michelin. This is a carrot! This is the signature dish of the Pru restaurant. This carrot is grown on a special organic farm and soaked in fermented carrot juice for 18 hours to get a soft and unique sweetish flavor. What a softness and degree of sweetness?! I never look at carrots based on these criteria. I don't know, the carrot was always a carrot for me. Meat, fish - yes. You are looking for some contrasts. But not in the carrot. I really don't understand. This is already beyond the limits. I'm angry!.

A hundred bucks for a carrot!Well, let's taste the carrot. This is a carrot. Yes, it’s sweet. Yes, it’s soft. Some interesting flavor, but it's a carrot. If the steak was here and the carrot was around it, I would start with a carrot, eat it and say what a tasty carrot, I can imagine what kind of steak. But there is no steak here. It's just a carrot and that's it. Well, it smelled fried, let's go. It’s time to eat. In the evening, all the tourists go to the food market. Colorful, exotic and the assortment is just a bomb - from fruit to seafood. But here is the problem. It’s a tourist place, so the prices here are too high. We saw the same on the beach. Our mistake, we should take them.So here's some advice. If you are hungry, go away from the sea and tourist areas to places, where local people eat..

It’s not a wrong table. This is all for me today. And now the most important information. Drum-roll. It all costs 10 dollars. I even think to celebrate my anniversary here. Sour and spicy soup Tom yum. With seafood. Pad thai rice noodles. With seafood. Yum Tale salad. Also with seafood. Today I will eat my annual rate of seafood. With all the heart! As if I visited my aunt. I don't know, delicious, belissimo! How is it in Thai: nyam-nyam-nyam. How delicious! Guys, don't discover this place to anyone, this is our secret. There are not so many tables. Friends, we’ll hide a hundred bucks for you, in order you have excellent diving in Thailand. It’s enough for two times. Perhaps these will be the two times that will show you the most vivid impressions. And a little bit of air in this bottle. So, a hundred bucks..

Go to the island of Phuket for this bottle. There, near Surin Beach, on Soi Chat Surin 8, opposite the monument, in the bushes, the treasure from the Head & Tails is waiting got you. Today I didn't count at all and, in fact, there was practically no money left. Now I need to find a very, very, very low cost housing. Maybe I spent the night right here? No. Stop the extreme for today, I had enough with a bike. A hammock. Well. Well, a nonsense. Photos are beautiful. Make a photo! But not sleeping. We will cut it out. The entire coast of Krabi is endless tourist cafes, restaurants and hotels, so I can find something. - Hello! - Hi! Can I help?.

- I need a room ... - One room costs 1800 per day, and there are also 2500 and 4000 viewing on the sea. And breakfast for two is included. - With breakfast. Thank. - Sorry, have you something, room or bed? - Sorry, no vacancies. - Hi! Maybe you know. I need a room or a bed. For one night. - Upstairs. - Upstairs? How much? - As you’ll give..

- Stop. Just gratuitously? - Yeah. - Are you sure? Oh my God! Thank you. I just have no money. And where? Guys! I’m lucky! I was sheltered by the owner of the local Rasta cafe. He is making souvenirs for sale to tourists. Wow, there is a whole creative workshop. He believes that helping people is always rewarded. - Super! Thank you so much! - Welcome! If you need something, I'm downstairs. And the WC downstairs. This is your home. My home is your home. - Thank you! - Enjoy!.

It seems that I am the heroine of some adventure novel. Everything is scattered here, in the dust, such a creative mess and so extraordinary. Such moments are very memorable. Especially when you fall asleep to the sound of the sea. The sun in Thailand rises early. Me too. Birds, the sea. This is the good morning. Another popular entertainment in Thailand is local elephants. I’m going to meet them. To see elephants in Thailand, you don’t have to be rich. I've come to the nearest elephant farm. Here they are. Such great animals. Hello! I'm not empty handed. Take this. I already have goosebumps. It’s a girl or boy? Girl? You are a girl. Of course, you're a girl. Such affectionate..

Oh, baby. Hello, little one. What a child! The elephant is considered a sacred animal in Thailand. And a symbol of good luck. To feed this animal is a mandatory item in the tourist program. Wait, by turn! My little! You drink milk. Warm milk. What a big baby! And I, having paid $ 100, also receive a whole range of elephant entertainment. As if traveling for all my life. For example, you can frolic with elephants in the water,.

Sit on its trunk, stand on the back of the animal, and even get a massage from an elephant. Not an erotic massage! I asked for the common! Normal massage, relaxing. Well, guys, I'll do a massage in another place. Tourists enjoy this entertainment with elephants. But there is a reverse of the coin. It’s very difficult for an elephant to carry people on the back. Despite the fact that it seems so big, strong, this is a delusion. Its joints aren’t so strong and it’s not easy with such a load. So if you come to Thailand, feed the elephants, but don't ride them. There are no wild elephants left in Thailand today. They don't walk freely in the jungle ....

Most of them work in the tourism sector. And everyone has a master. Look, the chain on the baby. Elephants pass a rite in the childhood. This rite is called hajana. In childhood, an elephant is stretched over the legs with ropes or chains, and in this way it understands that the human dominates him. It lasts near a week. The animal is restricted in movement; it is not fed or watered. The worst thing is that many elephants die during the rite because of the many injuries. Nice. I'm so sorry they are not free. What should we do? I want to help and I can’t. The only thing that can be done is to do less damage, you can leave money for them, something to feed, pet them, and everything. I wish I could take you away, but you can’t be placed in my studio. Good..

I finish my weekend in Thailand with diving. And not just diving, but one of the best diving in the world! Every day divers come here from all places of our globe. And all because I will dive near the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea. This is an archipelago of eleven islands. They appeared more than 65 million years ago. The Thais established strict rules in order to preserve the unique flora and fauna. You can’t drink alcohol, smoke and stay overnight on the islands. Not more than 3,325 people a day can visit the archipelago. And the park is closed from May to October for the so-called “natural restoration”. Jacques Yves Cousteau dived the first on Similans. And the diving father knew where to dive. Water! It’s so turquoise here that hurts the eyes. And visibility is 20-25 meters! Everything is clearly visible even at a distance!.

It seems that you are swimming in some kind of underwater garden. Anemones, crinoids and worms called Christmas trees are instead of flowers. Fish and mollusks - instead of birds and butterflies. Everything lives, breathes, moves. I haven’t seen yet such diversity of the underwater world. In addition to the octopuses, sea snakes and morays that can bite off a human finger, there are many wondrous inhabitants of the ocean. Here is a boxfish. Such a cool name for its strange shape. And here is a lionfish. The prick of its needle can cause death. Just look at these dudes! They are called the rainbow of the seas and oceans. Nudibranch mollusks. And this miracle that frightened me was just a serpent sea star. This is the cuttlefish, whose ink is so valued in cooking..

And this is the most poisonous fish in the world! This is a reef stonefish. This predator disguised like a stone, and there are pins on its back that release poison. If the pin got into a large blood vessel ... you can say goodbye to life in two or three hours. And the leader of today's underwater discoveries is this guy. Oratosquilla oratoria! This crustacean has the most complex eyes in the world, capable of distinguishing 12 colors, perceiving ultraviolet and infrared light. And the blow of its claws is compared to 22-caliber bullet. There is a category of diving, when you don't see some bright large sea creatures, such as sharks, turtles, whales. But that is why you begin to notice micro shades. Some small nudibranch mollusks. Some beautiful worms, something else. This is exactly this diving. When I didn't see anything big, but at the same time I went out like a child from under the Christmas tree..

So many gifts collected. Weekend in Thailand once again proved that the rest here is exciting. Life is good. In any part of this country. Drum-roll. Regardless of amount of money you have. You are a one! You are guaranteed to get your dose of color You can’t be placed in my studio. And joy..

Make a photo! I have a massage triangle here. With all the heart! I'm angry! Beck-peck, peck-peck. So many gifts collected. I’ll fall now! Everything is calm. Well, I'll be damned! That’s all. I had it..

Thanks to all. Shooting is over. - I cannot believe that so much has happened to me in a few days ... Oh, dear. - Hi, Alina. - Kolya. What an apparition! Hello! - Hi! - I have such an elite taxi today. Not so quickly! - Quickly, Alina! We should hurry. Distances in Thailand are long, and you and I don't have much time. - I had a lot of events during these days. I climbed and learned to ride a moped, and saw elephants. I went to three islands and ate properly. I probably had everything. How are your days? - Excellent. All my wishes were fulfilled by the gold card..

- Well, of course. - And I also had a massage in six hands. - What? In six hands? - Yes. - I knew that you would have a massage. I missed a massage. - Hadn’t you a massage in Thailand? - A hundred dollars is not rubber, I should try so much, see so much. You can massage me in a friendly way, slightly massage a colleague. - Of course, let me massage you ... - No, wait..

- Come on, I’ll massage you. - Kolya, a wheel. - Come on, life isn’t endless. - Please don't bend the throttle at least! Kolya. - But what a massage! - I had, I had. - Finish, finish, finish, see how. - Enough! Enough! I had everything in Thailand. - What happened in Thailand will remain in Thailand. - Bye, guys! Where to go?.

- Bye, guys! - So, Kolya. Across Thailand.


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