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Человек с бульвара Капуцинов

Опубликовано: 2 года назад
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Реставрация фильма выполнена командой профессионалов Группы компьютерной графики "Мосфильма". Узнать подробности:
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Последний фильм, снятый при участии Андрея Миронова.
Картина рассказывает о волшебной силе искусства вообще и о волшебной силе кино, как важнейшего из искусств.
Скажи месяц назад этим бравым ковбоям, что ради маленькой коробочки, которую внесет в их салун некий мистер Фест, они откажутся от выпивки, драк и канкана, они расстреляли бы в вас всю обойму. Однако так и произошло, потому что маленькая коробочка — киноаппарат, а мистер Фест — фанат кинематографа.


The Mosfilm Studios The Man from theBoulevard des Capucines Your road is long... It is long and empty... All that distance is notFor those weak of heart... Your road is long... Oh prairie, oh prairie,The distance is great, The Indian feathers,The steel of the Brits. The price is absurd,But the payment is hard. The principal thingIs to keep my hat on..

But I value in some sense The thing that is kept in myhat. That's how it goes! You ride fast, you die young, You ride slow, you never come. So live and don't chicken out. Let it all go it's way, And you'll get what happensnext. - The Black Jack Gang!- You'll get it, Jack! Go, move it!.

Why don't you shoot, God damnyou? - Are you talking to me?- Yes, you! - I don't have a weapon.- Did you come here without one? - I didn't come to kill.- Then you'll get killed. I don't get it, how can you readin such a minute? Aren't you scared? What one has a purpose in life, one is not afraid of death. You weren't expected, sir. Sammy, don't you want to greet me?.

I greeted you the last time around. Go! Let's say good-bye then. Well, Jack... Don't worry, ma'am. I'll justhave a look. Oh, such a leg... What a leg! 10 to 1, sir, you're clutching your Bible withboth hands. For me, it's rather the HolyWrit..

- Preparing for a better life?- I wish you the same. I'm not in a hurry and I don'thurry you. Careful, this is the worldhistory of cinema. - He doesn't seem to see well.- But I can hear well. I have to admit, grammar isn'tmy element, but even I can discern that somepages are empty. It's the place for history, sir. Dare it, and your name might bewritten there. - They wait for their heroes.- You say funny things, sir. I wish I could listen to yousome other time..

When I sent my 1st dozen to hell, my mommy told me, "Jack, if you're guilty of something, it's only that you haven't met a goodman in life". Sign it here. You took 50 grandfrom us. It was 40, Andy. I can count, you know. No insurance company would trustmy receipt. Only if you don't negotiate itwith its president first. Money loves everyone..

Remember it, gentlemen, this country will be ruined bythe corruption. Have a good day, sir. Who knows, our paths might stillcross. I'd be glad if they do. - Our mommy has come!- Oh my little birdies! Mommy's here! Why did you marry me? I didn't know you were thisdumb! You did!.

You did! To where? How do you do? My friend, couldyou tell me where I could get... You couldn't... Mister, ask at the drugstore,they might have it. Mrs. Parker, you should beconfined to bed. Yes! Mrs. Parker! Don't forget it, 10 drops before you shoot.Before it, not after!.

- Yes.- No, did you get it? Screw off!... Did you say something? So you don't have anything totell me? A real man always has somethingto say, if he's a real man, of course. Mr. King, your steak. Sir, it was my steak. That's right, it was yours. Harry, put $10 on my account..

Looks like the entire 30. Fly away! Cheers! Shall we relax? - Let's go!- Let's go! I didn't invite you! Hi there. That's friends, Peppy! Careful there. Sorry..

Harry, put $4 on his account! $4! Fly away! - Billy, I'm standing right here!- And now - you'll lie down. Harry, I owe you $11! Rowdy-dowdy... $12! Excuse me, for Gods sake. I'd like to have a drink withyou. - I'd like a drink...- I'm busy. He refused. Too bad..

Fly! It's serious, Billy, it's 80! - Yesterday it cost 50.- Inflation! Gentlemen, I pass. Hello! Hi! I'd like to drink... - Harry, what's my count?- 180, Billy! Let's make it even. Fly away. - A beauty.- Sorry..

1, 2, 3... 4... 5, 6. OK, guys, that's enough! Time to clean up a bit. You heard it, man. The end! The time has come, And here we are! Here we are, your babies!.

That's it, enough scratchingyour heads, Enough sucking on bottles, You'd better clap your hands! A soldier is loved for hisdough, An officer is loved for hisuniform, But I love the cowboy Because he's the only one! A cowboy, the hero of the magic dreams, You excite me, I admit it,.

Cowboy, a couple of tender words You find for me and I'll go withyou. Your steak, sir. In the rattle of the day,In the quiet of the night I'll hear the words of love. It's cold. You only say it, And I shall hear it. Sir, it was my steak. 'Scuse me..

Where? Sir... - Harry, I owe you $100.- Sorry, no credit. I could lend it, if you don'tmind. Please. Your steak, sir. Sorry. An actor is loved for his art, A player is loved for his music, But why I love the cowboy,.

I'll tell only to him! I like you, guy. - Billy.- Johnny. Cowboy, you're a swell guy, You've been exciting me foryears, Cowboy, you're brave but theproblem is, You can't put 2 words together. Just for me, find them and putthem together, I'll always hear you, Just say it,.

Say it, I'll hear you, Tell me, I'll hear you, I'll hear you. Raise your leg higher, it'll bea success, The legs should be clearly seen, If a cowboy orders it, who'sgonna refuse? Guys, we are your babes! A sailor is loved for hiscourage, a captain for his wine, But why do I love my cowboy? 'Cause he has everything....

'Cause he has everything... 'Cause he has everything... 'Cause he has everything there. I love her. Friend, this is hopeless. Ms. Little's heart isimpregnable like Ft. Knox. Ft. Knox is the nationaltreasury. You'd better have a drink. A drink of water if I could. Water....

- Water... Never drink this piss. If you're used to it, your life won't be worth a brass fart. This is how we're relaxing, Johnny. But a soul wants somethinggrander. Billy! Something light and huge... What did you say? Light and huge?.

That's why I'm here. Do you have a white bed-sheet? No, you missed my point. Pardon me! Who has a white sheet? Billy, I think your friend heretries to offend us. Gentlemen... I have a white sheet. I even have 2 white sheets. And both of them are yours..

I think Ft. Knox throws a whiteflag. Over there, in the coach,there's my equipment. If it's not too hard for you, could you do me a favor and just send someone to... Are you deaf? Fast! Thank you. Please take your seats. Billy, I think 2 offences a dayare too much. It's not just this thing washung on the wall,.

But also we're made to look at it! Gentlemen, could you reallythink... and me... Mr. First, I'm at your service. Just a sec. Please. I am never thought to hurt yourfeelings. Careful with it! I'd like to suggest a differentspectacle. Go on, guy! I'm on my saddle already..

How could I reduce the light? well... with God blessing! Attention! You're witnessing the arrival ofthe train... Looks like it won't stop at thisstation. ...to the St. Lazar Station inParis. Enough shooting! What are youdoing? Where are you running? Myfriends, it's not at all scary. It's not scary at all, Diana,not in the least. There has never been anythingscary for me in the world..

But I seem, you succeeded in it. I won't grudge my only eye to have that feeling again. Thank you. Mr. First, your invention is amiracle! Guys made a sieve out of mywalls, so the repairs could cost $100! The cinema isn't my invention, Ijust a servant of it. May I drop dead if that thing doesn't clear the mind betterthan whiskey..

Gentlemen, could anyone reproach me for not paying for my whiskey? - No one could.- Pay then. Mr. First, I'm yours! - Here, Harry.- Thank you... ...for trusting me. Thank youagain. To continue. Maestro, something easy. Only the screen should be replacedthough. - Ms. Diana!- Already..

Gentlemen, tell me.... are thetrain already went away? - Look.- Stepped on it! Have you seen him twisting hishose? Johnny is a swell guy! I seem, gentlemen, it was a... Comedy. I'm sure, you realize, thatrapture is the best when it's convertedinto gold. I think 30% would be fine, huh? I realize, this figure is anoffence for a man of business..

What would you say about 40%? OK, 50. - This is a robbery!- I don't need anything. When I see a man who doesn'tneed anything, I realize he'll take all of it! I misjudged you, you're a hardnut to crack. What would be your conditions? Sir, turn around. Have a look around. Around, sir..

And You'll see the world that is imperfect. The country lost. Blood, sin and avarice set us apart. We've been driven to the edge, after which only the abyss and eternaldarkness. But there is a way out. Yes, I saw it. That unforgettable night when.

I found myself at the Boulevard desCapucines in the Lumiere theater. The cinematograph! That's the Messiah that couldchange everything. It will make us purer andbetter. and.. for that... I`m ready to sacrifice everything. Even my own life. So you'll excuse me but any mention of the money seems sacrilegious to me..

The only thing I could allow is selling admission tickets forthe lowest possible price, in order to guarantee the supplyof new pictures. I'm getting older. To misjudge one man twice. It had never happened before. Make a decision! You have the future of the cinema in yourhands. OK, Mr. First, we're agreed. You can roll your films. I won't take a payment from you..

Thank you, Mr. McCue. You're a generous person. Raise your legs higher, andit'll be a success, Only the legs should be seen, If the cowboy orders it, whocould refuse him? Billy, I've arranged everything! A sailor is loved for hiscourage, a captain for his wine, But why I love my cowboy? 'Cause he has everything, 'Cause he has everything,.

'Cause he has everything there. Yes, I'm on time. The water's disappeared. Where'sthe water? I'll give it to you. Let me go. From now on and forever, Right now, in any weather, Right here, and everywhere, We'll live in a different way! With no anger or sadness, For the good of the earth,.

We've long dreamt about it, But could never do it. Cinema, cinema, cinema, We're crazy about you! Yes, I see you're glad, But afraid to be disappointed, 'Cause you've been duped manytimes before. You don't need dreamers,Yes, sure, of course, But I'm not a dreamer,And I know how exactly... From now on and forever,.

Right now, in any weather, Right here, and then everywhere, We'll liver in a different way! With no anger or sadness, For the good of the earth, We've long dreamt about it, But could never do it. With no anger or sadness, For the good of the earth, We've long dreamt about it,.

But could never do it! Cinema, cinema, cinema, We're crazy about you! One more time! Good morning! It's good for some, and it's thelast for others, sir. I'd like to order something fromyou that looks like a big box. It's called a coffin. I'd rather call it a cradle fornew life..

Are you a philosopher? What wasyour school? Harvard? Some Washington courses? What an I saying? Where do theytrain philosophers nowadays? Have you graduated? Alas, a naive youth came herewith his grand ideas. To transform the world, to savethe country from a downfall. and where are his ideas now? Let's get back to business,though. Do you know the size? Yes, sure. I'd like you to make.

A small window in the center. It could be very fun to look up fromother world on this one. And the door on the other side, to enter and exit at will. It's my first time, when a corpse is prepared to such activeafterlife. - Here's the size.- Where should I deliver? Harry's Saloon. The deposit. I won't hurry you up..

I'm interested in the quality. Hello, baby! - Oh how cute he is!- I like him too. - Piss off, holy father!- You'll regret it, daughter. - Good morning, pastor.- Good morning, my son. I'm sorry, I thought Ms.Little lives here. 'Scuse me, Mr. First, I didn'tthink it might be you. Could such charming girl have... ...have any enemies? enemies? If that be so!.

They're a god-damned admirers! Come in, Mr. First. If you only knew how hard it isto remain a decent girl. Especially if the girl... is beautiful as you are. Flowers? For me? God damn it all! Ms. Diana, what's wrong? Oh Johnny, you're the first manin my life who ever brought me flowers..

Now my heart is forever yours. The end. Farewell, my love.The destiny separates us, but you'll live forever in myheart. God damn it! Some people have all the luck! They fall in love. They go to theaters. - To lie...- Don't swear, Billy. To libraries. And how they behave: excuse me,please....

What about you, Hugh? Have you ever said word "please" in yourlife? Oh would you shut up for God's sake!? it`s sickening and without you. and that gentleman would say, " shut up, please, Hugh". Gentlemen! It's not a secret for anyone that all of you declared yourlove to me one time or another. I don't mention words you used. But could any one of you,.

Just once, drop on your knees in front ofme? You're right, baby. Personally, I could only manage to slap your ass. What could be said here... We're all shit and we swim inshit. It seems to me, Billy King, that you're trying to offend me..

Take my Colt, Martin, and shoot me if I'm wrong. I just think that "shit" is thewrong word to be used in a decent company,and... I agree with that. Excuse me, gentlemen. Please. Harry, what's wrong with you? Farewell, my love... The fate separates us... But you'll live forever in myheart... I can't....

That's art for you! This issomething to live for. Such things make you want toaccomplish a lot. I can't understand what's wrongwith me, Everything's like a dream and areality, And my heart beats in a new way, Like I live afresh. A magic ray In the pitch darkness, Thank you, oh thank you. You're like a key.

To my prison. Thank you, oh thank you. My pure ray, you illuminate myway, You're not hot, but I'm ablaze, You light up the dark, and thankyou for that, Oh thank you! Mr. First, here's your ordereditem. - The size is yours.- I'm much obliged. Have a nice day. Mr. Danly, we haven't seen youfor ages..

You sure have had a lot ofchanges. How interesting! - Later.- Should we deal a hand? - I'd like to talk to you.- I don't have time. Harry, I'm dying of thirst. I haven't seen you for ages,Danly. Please. What is it? Water. What? You said you were dying of thirstand I gave you water. You stinking skunk!.

I've spent the whole month at myrancho without a drop of whiskey,and you give me water. You cheap bastard. You coyote andthe coyote's son! And you... Danly, did you ask me for wateror... Whiskey, god damn it! Have I ever asked you anythingdifferent? Come on, Danly! Gentlemen, my horse was the first in line in the morning.I was next to Billy..

It`s a nonsense, Hubert, I was next toBilly. Martin was next to me, and wehaven't seen you here at all. Gentlemen, take turns at the cash desk Please. I need it badly! Easy now! Danly, I upon my honor, I'm broke. I cry twice a day. The first time, at night when Iwatch the film, then in the morning when I countthe losses..

- Mister, where should I put it?- As usual. - Hi there, Danly.- What have you brought? Could I have a free ticket,mister? You see, Danly, the dollar isdevalued. Harry, have it really come to thefact that the lads drink this cowslop? Mr. Parker, please. Well, My Peggy dosn`t give money to me, she says, if I come home not drunk and without bruises, it meansI was with the girls, and not in the saloon. I ask you? please....

- No.- Mr. Bobby, one last time. Mr. Thompson, I've been lettingyou go in free for 2 weeks. Clear the path. OK then. Then I'll shoot you. Shoot, but I'll be replaced bysomeone else. How do you do. Sorry for bothering you,gentlemen, but let me through. Please, be so kind. The third shot! Mr. Johnson, don't be late..

Here, stick it, the bloodsucker. Please, sir. Your habit of entering afterthe 3rd shot is irritating. Martin... Give me a black eye, if youcould. Please, I really need it. This is for my old woman. You must be crazy. Thompson, how could I hit a man? Who do youthink I am? But I love my cowboy,.

Because he has... Because I have... I have everything! So screw your cinematography! They drink milk. I'll have some rest. Wait! We used to dance for temptation, And raised our legs withoutshame, Now we dance a lot more modestly,.

And we are moved by beauty. A magic ray In the pitch darkness, Thank you, oh thank you. You're like a keyTo my prison, Thank you, oh thank you. My pure light, you illuminate myway, You're not hot, but I'm allaflame, You light up my darkness, andthank you for that, Oh thank you..

What a beautiful hand. It looks like it was created toturn the projector's handle. Your cinematograph is the wholeworld. You've opened a wonderful magicwindow for me... Which I will close. Father, the cinema is the cure for the sick. And the opium for the people. Please stop it. That's why I....

Love my cowboy... Did you say anything? Does it mean you have nothing tosay? A real man always have somethingto say. If he is a real man. - Your steak, Mr. King.- Thank you, sir. Where is it? Here it is! Here it is! Your steak, Mr. King! - Harry!- Yes, Billy? Well I....

Thanks for your reminding me, sir, that it was my steak. - Did you want to say something?- I wanted to say... Harry, that it's time to serveforks for dinner. A gentleman shouldn't eat with aknife only. I'm sorry, sir, but I should remind you that you're in a place where films are shown. We don't allow drinking liquorhere, and carry it with you..

Go to hell with your film! This shitty cinema of yours has turned us into cowardly mules. Did I hear you correctly? Yousaid "shitty cinema"? Yes, shitty cinema and cowardlymules. I can forgive you mules, but onlythem. Could you be so kind as to do mea favor? At last! Not here. I wouldn't like to desecratethis place..

He didn't like cinema. I'm poisoned by the cinema. The films substituted everythingfor me. I feel with horror they become more valuablethan money to me. Please advise me, father. I'mtorn in two. My son, listen to the voice ofyour heart. For Lord speaks to you throughit. My father, Then I'll just be broke. My son..

Listen your mind, for Lordgave it to you, so that you could listen to it. What it means? Should I get rid of First?and what about the cinema? Won't I see it again? Do you really think that Lordcould tolerate your indecisionfor your meager $10? Here's a good fiance for you. - But he's old.-But You're not going to cook him. Johnny, I want us to have ababy. Today, right now..

Now? It's impossible, my dear.There's time for everything. We shouldget married first. You deceive me. Don't you wantto have a baby? People kiss in your films, and the next minute they have ababy. We've already kissed a lot. Diana, how should I put it? It's called "montage". First, people kiss. Then some time passes, a monthor a year..

Then they get married. Some moretime passes, and they have a baby. In cinema all this is cut out. A kiss... A marriage... And a baby. Johnny, I want it like in thecinema. Please, make the montage. - Diana...- Johnny... The Comanches!.

That's him. Where's Diana? First! Comanches! Stuffy! Take it! Johnson, follow me. Harry, takethe machine-gun to the attic! - Take Diana upstairs.- I'm going with you. You take care for the device!Answer with your head! Comanches are at the path ofwar! To work, gentlemen! I'll go on a death for First!.

Peppy, that we're going to see so we'd better never see that. Let's get to work, gentlemen! Farewell, love! The destiny... separates us. Do it, Harry. That damn woman! We're done withnow. Hugh, how can you talk about alady like this? now I'm gonna slap her out..

My hand won't touch a woman. Gentlemen, I pass! I'm out of ammo! - Me, too!- Stuffy! There's none... that's it! I don't see a woman among you. A pale-faced one. With her hair like a morningdawn. - We didn't have a woman.- Lies don't become a warrior. eh! if I have only onecartridge..

I wouldn't miss that painted ape. I forgive the pale-faced one his words. He may have never heard of SirCharles Darwin and he may not be aware that an apeis our common ancestor. Are you sitting in this booth? Oh my chief, it is she! I saw her the last moon. If he lays a finger on her, I'lltear his throat out. I'll take part, too. 2 tickets to the afternoonperformance..

For me... and for my squaw. You killed First and now mockus! Woman, don't you dare touch myhusband! I would like to know what thing are theydragging here. Looks like a guillotine. After Sir Charles Darwin I can expect an electric chair from them. - You're alive!- Johnny! I have a motion sickness!.

My darling, you're safe. I can'tbelieve my eyes! Calm down, dear. The Indiansjust invited me to visit. They asked me to arrange aseance for them. Billy, set it up! Please, come in. No, I'd never sit with Injuns. Mr. Atwood, cinema doesn't haveborders and races. Everyone's equalfacing the screen. Johnny, you're a saint. - No payment today.- A saint!.

Where are you going? Dad, whatabout me? You're too little. Right, and I'm not little to gothe path of war. - But when it comes to movies...- Shame on you, White Feather. You haven't celebrated your 16thspring yet. It's my seat. It's my seat. Go away. Chief, take that thing off, Ican't see anything. If you jerk another time, I'llshoot you. understood?.

Harry, you asked me for a pieceof advice. Here it comes. Get rid of Firstimmediately. Or he'll ruin you. Get rid of him! Drive him away! That's it! Stop! Stop it. What's wrong, Mr. McCue? What do you want? I won't allow it, you don't havea right! Everyone watches it OK. and only me like... I suffer losses, and they don'teven let me watch it normally!.

Wait, gentlemen. Harry just wants to say that he terminatesMr. First's lease of the premises. That's all there is to it.Right, Harry? Yes! Gentlemen, calm down! I'll try to negotiate it. Harry, a couple of words. Billy, what could we talk about? Go, Billy will explain..

Oh my pale-faced brother, tell me, is the cinema going to turn to the life ofComanches? I have a smashing plot idea. Yes, it's quite smashing. Gentlemen, you have a problemwith your sense of humor. It was a joke! Mr. First, continue, I pray. I saw it, and my mind was clouded..

Not in the dead of night, notover blind walls and fences, but on a white sheet... A daughter of man gave a man her... kiss! The creatures of debauch and sin, that's your cinema! That's why I say unto you: ifyou cherish your home... Go, and drive away.

That God-awful Mr. First. Hurry, women! That's him! I think it's worse than aComanche attack. He looks like needing help. We want movies! A woman is a movie-goer too! I think, Peppy, that if a womanasks for something, she should be granted this by all means, or she'll take it herself. Billy, set it up!.

We want a film! I'll kill him! The art... cannot be destroyed! Set it up! For a couple of words. I'm fine and here. but you don't want to sit all filmunder the counter, isn`t so? - There'll be no film.- There will be, Harry... will be The art doesn't burn!.

- yes?-Yes! Is it true? You know, I'm so glad! I'm just happy. You know how Ilove cinema. of couse I know! Let's go! Let's talk about your love ofit. I hope, you'll remember thisconversation for a long time? my dear. Let go of me, it hurts! Don't get underfoot. sit on your place. sit. Oh it's perfectly fine..

Father, stop it. We didn't come here for this. not need. not neeed! - Hi, Chico!- Good morning, sir! Good morning, Mr. First! Good morning, Billy! Iseverything right? If I undertake something, I do it. - Everything's right.- Mr. First. - Good morning.- Greetings..

Do you recognize me? Sure! You're the undertaker. - An ex-philosopher.- It's in the past now. Good morning, Ms. Diana! Time to wake up. Good morning, Conchita. Your sheet... I mean, your screen... has been stolen! Santa Maria, a drop to your feet. Perform a miracle!.

You know, in our town there's no more white sheets. Santa Maria, you've always beenso kind. Conchita... No time for pray. Well, I'm unemployed now, because people don't want to part with their lives. So I had a marvelous idea once, why don't we organize a printededition in our town? It could be entitled, say, "Cinema", and it would cover only the cinematographic issues..

What's good there, and the main point, what's bad. I've watched almost all films, and I start to have some ideas. They might be interesting forother people, too. What do you think of my idea? I think that if a philosophercould become an undertaker, why doesn't an undertaker become a critic? Quick, Conchita..

My darling, my love, hello. Don't be cross with me. Forgive me. - Quick, Ms. Diana!- Conchita, scissors. Bear with it. Put it here. Ms. Diana, what if you won't be in time? I should. - Or I won't survive the shame.- You won't do it! Don't touch it..

A girl that couldn't save the most valuable thing she has for her husband to be,deserves death. Billy, I'm showing it for thelast time. There's no more. That's it. No, not this. The death is better! The art, Concita, demands sacrifices. We've made a new screen. Take your seats, gentlemen. The slave of love!.

Why did you seek me? Harry McCue? Jack! What can you do for money? For money, I can do everything. Here's $1000. i need the life of the man named First. Begging your pardon, miss. Sir, some old woman is askingfor you. - For me?- Yes, you..

She's afraid to cross the street, and saysonly you could help her. My love, I'll be back. Billy... Set it up! Where's your granny? Here you are. Good evening. Allow me to offer you help, miss. So our paths have crossed, sir..

To tell you the truth, I don'tenjoy it much. Yes, I recognized you, "granny". I offered you a place in history. You should visit our seances byall means. I invite you to the cinema. I'm here! You could cross the street,granny, in other place Johnny! Bear with it, my friend. My love....

Don't die! Don't die... Jesus, I wish I could startliving anew... How could I save you? Only a miracle could save him now. No! You road... is long. Wait, father. Johnny....

Tell us your last ask... No! I swear... we'll fulfil it. We swear! Billy... Set it up! A genius! maybe, it would be better, if I go with you? Don't worry, my friend, nothingbad will happen to me..

I hope he doesn't leave for long. I can't picture a day without cinema. Mr. First leaves for 3 days onlyto get wedding presents. - When do they have the wedding?- On Sunday. Is it true that the priestrefused to marry them? It is. Yet Billy persuaded him. I can imagine how he did that. Cinema, cinema, cinema, We're crazy about you. Get lost!.

Cinema... cinema... We're crazy about you. Whom do you see off? Oh, he was a great man! Why was he great? He was the first to introducethe cinema to us. In this case, I'll be the nextone. My name's Second. Are you the owner of thissaloon? - I am.- I have a business proposal. He unscrews his head..

The cranium must crackle now. What a big, fat and delicious hand! Now, the finger. Andy, you forgot the secondear. Well, excellent. Guys, this is the real life.Now, the leg... How could you watch that junk? That's awful shit, Mr. First. I wish you knew how I miss yourfilms! They really could've made me human..

But the truth is bitter, in this country only the money could make agentleman human, and Mr. Second's films bring me money. Mr. McCue, I've always suspected that a businessman will kill a movie-goer in you. But you... Billy, how could you like it? I watched it from the corner of one eye. Guys, enough sniveling! You'll have the sequel! Where's my steak?.

Let me through, I have an urgent affair. Are you all right, Mr. First? - Where's Diana?- Upstairs, with the priest. Mr. First, my life is in your hands. But before you pull the trigger, you should know, you'll never find a man more faithful to you. From Mexico to Canada. I knew a lot of happiness, love of women and power of money, but all this is dust compared to this. I'll dedicate my whole life to this God,.

If you would leave it to me, of course. Say no more! From now on, my Colt and my fists are at your service. But before we set out fromhere... I should take revenge on Mr. Second. He desecrated the name of the cinema. He sows the seeds of hatred inthe audience's souls. - He should die.- Don't do it, Jack. To each his own. The future willjudge us..

Let's move on, our audience'swaiting! Oil both of your Colts realgood, Oil your Winchester rifle, too, And move on, because You just had a fancy to move. Let's go, that's all right, Riding or walking. I swear by the name of thebloodthirsty coyote, We'll reach some destination! What will be, will be,.

Whatever might happen, What will be, will be,And that's what there is. Projectionist, roll it, Put the alarm lamps out, Add your bit of lightTo the severe days of souls. Light your ray up from thewindow, and believe as we do, That this plain can be crossedAlmost without losses.


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